Website Development

project details

The original website had been difficult to update and navigate. Our challenge was to list upcoming events, recent events, and archive the older events in a searchable database that would be easy to nagivate, on everything from a computer to a phone.

We decided to categorize the events, so a visitor could view them all, or narrow them down by category, such as coming, past, etc. Further to this, we created more catagories, so a visitor might search for a specific speaker, or year, in order to find what they are looking for.

We regularly maintain this website, adding events as they are announced, and moving past events into the appropriate archive area.

what made this unique

The categorization of events was a unique feature that sets this website apart, and makes it very user friendly. A person may browse all events, or narrow down to one name or a single year, or view only upcoming or recently past events, all with a single tap or click.